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How to Prepare for your First Pediatrician Appointment

1. Keep a feeding & diaper log

  • Those first few days can be a blur, keeping a log will help! Keep a record for 24 hours before the appointment. Your pediatrician will want to know the total number of times your baby has fed in a 24-hour period and how often your baby is feeding.  Your pediatrician will also want to know how many times your baby has peed, how many times your baby has pooped, and what the poop looks like (color, consistency).

2. Pack the bag the night before

  • Getting out of the house with a newborn takes much more time than anticipated! Packing your diaper bag the night before will help ensure you remember everything you need.
  • What to pack:
  • Diapers & wipes
  • An extra outfit for baby
  • Burp cloths
  • A baby blanket *Your baby will be naked when weighed and only in a diaper during the pediatrician exam.  Bring a blanket to wrap baby for the in-between time
  • Everything you need to feed your baby
  • Water bottle & snacks for you
  • The hospital discharge paperwork
  • Insurance card and photo ID

3. Be prepared to feed your baby at the office

  • No matter how hard you try to time the appointment, newborn feeding is irregular and unpredictable! You never know for sure when your baby may be hungry again. And sometimes the wait for your doctor may be longer than anticipated as emergencies do happen.
  • For these reasons, be prepared to feed your baby at the office. This may mean wearing a nursing bra and easy access shirt, bringing a nursing cover if desired, and a nipple shield if being used, or bringing a warmed ready-to-feed bottle.

4. Bring your questions written down

  • Inevitably you will forget your questions, so it is best to write them down and physically bring them with you to the appointment.
  • Don’t forget to ask when your pediatrician wants you to return AND the best way to contact them.